(Re)connect to the most authentic You. Get to practice Yoga, movement and mindfulness in a way that leads you to new explorations and a deeper understanding of the physical and emotional layers.

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Through consciously built programs, Luna invites you to deepen your body's flexibility in a way that isn't commonly taught.

Backbends, Hip Openers, Spine Awakening, Mobility


Blending both worlds of Yoga & Dance including authentic mindful movement, somatic practices infused with softness and grace.

Contemporary Dance & Ballet Inspired, Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga


One word: melt. A blend of chinese medecine wonders, somatic practice, and non-dual tantric philosophy.

Yin Yoga, Non-dual Tantra, Somatics


Luna guides themed meditations based on the chakras, self-love, self-knowledge, acceptance, emotions, visualisations. Pranayama means breathwork. "Prana" is our life force energy, "Yama" is discipline. Breathing techniques are used to calm the mind, the reduce stress and anxiety, to purify the organs and  awaken our life force energy.

Guided Meditation, Breathwork


The practice is moved on the mat and led by music. We create sensation in the body through a creative sequence tuning with stuck emotions. The curated playlist leads us through bodyweight exercices and mobility training.

Workouts, Fitness, Strength, Mobility


We discuss topics around the modern yogic way of living and the tantric philosophy. Luna also shares books and other subjects that inspire her daily life and growth.

Books, Philosophy, Lifestyle


Live ceremonies will be scheduled every month and members of the studio receive a discount code to join.

On top, themed moon yoga flows will be added on the platform each month.

Moon Ceremonies

a journey through the emotions to the truth, from the Body to the Self.

A deep guidance and dance movement, inviting you to feel home within yourself. Every class is themed, every practice is a new experience, let yourself be guided. If you are curious, try... at least once.

practice consciously, anywhere.


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